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Purchasing and Updating Subscriptions

A Twinbuild subscription is required for each HoloLens 2 device you will be using to view models.

Customer Portal

To purchase a new subscription, enter the number of seats (devices) that will be required and click Subscribe to launch the customer portal in a new tab. The customer portal displays the annual total fee for your selected quantity of seats, as well as fields to pay by credit card. Complete your details and click Subscribe to purchase a subscription.

Update subscription

After the purchase is completed you can add or remove seats from your subscription by clicking Update Plan. To cancel your subscription at the end of the current billing period, click Cancel Plan. Click Return to Twinbuild to exit the customer portal and redirect to the Twinbuild account dashboard.

Manage Subscription view

If you are the owner, administrator or finance manager for your team, your Twinbuild subscription will be visible and editable on your account dashboard. To make any changes to your subscription, click on Edit to re-launch the customer portal. Please note it may take up to several seconds for any updates to your subscription to be reflected on your account dashboard.

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