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Launching, Closing and Uninstalling Twinbuild on the HoloLens

Twinbuild can be launched from the Windows Home menu or from QR codes.

Launching Twinbuild

Look at a Twinbuild Connection QR Code to display an App Launch button (a green rectangle with a large Play icon). Tap the App Launch button and confirm any prompts to launch Twinbuild and open the model associated with the connection code.

To launch an Twinbuild from the Windows Home Menu, open the menu by tapping on the Windows icon on your wrist and then tap the All Apps button to show all apps installed on your HoloLens 2. Scroll down and tap the Twinbuild app tile to place the Twinbuild 3D tile. Tap the Play icon within the 3D tile to launch Twinbuild. You can hover over the Twinbuild tile and tap Pin to pin Twinbuild to the default screen of the Windows Home Menu.

Closing Twinbuild

Use the ‘Admin Force Quit’ voice command to close Twinbuild from within the app.

If you are not in the app, you can close any instances of Twinbuild that are running by tapping the Close icon in the corner of the 3D tile. The 3D tile will be located wherever you last launched Twinbuild.

Uninstalling Twinbuild

Open the Windows Home menu by tapping the Windows icon in your wrist, then tap the All Apps button to view all installed apps on the HoloLens. Hover over the Twinbuild tile and tap Uninstall to uninstall Twinbuild.

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