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Navigating the HoloLens interface

You can interact with content on the HoloLens 2 using a combination of voice commands and hand gestures.

Opening the HoloLens 2 Home Menu

Applications on the HoloLens 2 are accessed through the Windows Home menu. To open or hide the Windows Home Menu , hold out one of your hands with the palm facing up and look at your wrist. You should see a holographic Microsoft Windows logo on your wrist. Tap on the logo or touch your index finger to your thumb in a pinching motion.

To interact with a tile in the menu or any other ‘button’ element, push your finger through the element as if pressing a physical button. To interact with buttons that are not within arms react, hold up your hand to display a cursor and hand ray. When the cursor is over the element you wish to interact with, tap your index finger and thumb together to ‘click’ the element.

For a detailed step by step guide to interacting with the HoloLens, see Microsoft’s documentation.

Small popup notifications on the HoloLens 2 will prompt you when you can interact with content using voice commands. A complete list of supported voice vommands is available on Microsoft’s Docs.

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