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Drag and drop publishing

You can publish models to Twinbuild by dragging and dropping a supported file to or directly from our Revit and Rhino plugins.
To publish a model from the dashboard, sign in to and select or drag and drop an .fbx, .ifc, .gltf or .glb file into the drop zone. You can also drag and drop a supported file directly into the 3D web viewer to load the new model. Note that files in zipped or compressed folders should be extracted to an uncompressed folder before using the drag and drop interface.
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Considerations for drag and drop publishing

Twinbuild’s native Revit and Rhino plugins will automatically optimize and compress models for better performance in mixed reality. Models exported from CAD software may not have been intended to be viewed on the HoloLens and we recommend the following export workflow when working with .FBX or .IFC files:
  • Locate models at 0,0,0
  • Ensure models are exported in meters
  • Use low-polygon meshing settings for NURBS geometry
  • Work with curves rather than surface geometry where possible
  • Hide or reduce the detail of high-polygon models
  • Use simple colours for materials and avoid exporting texture files