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Learn Twinbuild

Learn Twinbuild

Learn how to setup your Twinbuild account, publish and view models and evaluate precision for your application.

What is Twinbuild?

Twinbuild is a mixed reality platform for viewing construction information within fabrication environments. Twinbuild is optimised for high precision (+/-3mm) over large scale work areas, enabling mixed reality to be reliably used for common tasks such as on-site set out or quality assurance. Twinbuild is designed to be as simple for the end user as possible, and viewing models is as simple as putting on the headset and looking at a QR code.

How does Twinbuild work?

Twinbuild works by optimising CAD models for mixed reality and hosting these models securely on the cloud. Mixed reality devices can then access these models through one-time secure links or by scanning persistent printed QR codes.

Where can I download Twinbuild?

You can find Twinbuild on the Microsoft Store. Our Rhino and Revit plugins can be downloaded from our website.

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