Twinbuild Docs


Drift - Movement of hologram position from original placement location in the working environment
Feature Points- Unique points of interest that are tracked by the onboard cameras of the HoloLens
GLTF / GLB - “Graphics Library Transmission Format / Graphics Library Binary”, a data format for exchanging 3D models on the web
IFC - “Industry Foundation Classes”, a data format for exchanging BIM models
IPD - Inter Pupil Distance used by the HoloLens to correctly display the depth of holograms on the stereo display.
Connection Code (Link) - A QR code containing a link to a model hosted on the cloud
Publishing - The process of packaging, compressing, and previewing a model in a web browser
Registration Code (Marker) - A QR code used to correct for hologram positional error by fixing a point in model space to a point in physical space
SLAM - Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. SLAM algorithms are used by the HoloLens to estimate camera motion from visible feature points
Tracking - Estimated motion of the HoloLens determined by SLAM
Tracking Loss - Inability of the HoloLens to determine motion or position due to insufficient feature points visible to onboard cameras