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How to Improve Tracking

The HoloLens will use feature points in your environment to estimate the camera pose of the device. You can generally improve tracking by adding visual information to your workspace.
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If you are experiencing a lot of movement in hologram location and you have already addressed environmental factors and user behaviour, then you may need to add printed pattern (or other visual features) to your workspace in order to achieve optimal tracking. This will be particularly impactful when working with mobile devices and in small scale applications where it is possible to add a lot of visual information to every area of the workspace.
  1. Establish your base level tracking performance by marking the origin point of your virtual model using a piece of tape or a couple of pen marks. Place your model on this point and move your device around normally. Take note of how much the virtual model appears to move relative to this point.
  1. Print off several pages of non-repeating, high contrast pattern. Arbitrary QR codes work reasonably well for this. Fix these sheets around your origin point and ensure they don’t move.
  1. Restart Fologram or Twinbuild.
  1. Take a few minutes to scan your space and build up base level tracking data from the new visual information.
  1. Perform the same model placement test and establish whether drift has been reduced.