Twinbuild Docs

Loading models from Links

On a mobile or PC, sign in to your account at and click on the model you want to view on the HoloLens. Then click the View in AR button to display the Link to the model. By default model Links expire after 5 minutes to prevent unwanted model access. If you need to print the code for offline or repeated access, click Print to generate a printable PDF of a persistent Link to the model. Persistent model Links expire after one year.
Turn on the Hololens 2 and connect to the internet. Scan the Link with the Hololens 2 to download the model and launch Twinbuild. After the model has been successfully loaded, scan two or more registration codes in your physical space to locate the model at 1:1.

Troubleshooting QR code scanning

The HoloLens 2 will constantly scan for QR codes visible to the onboard greyscale cameras when the device is switched on. If the HoloLens is not able to detect the Link QR code, you can try the following measures to improve detection:
  • Ensure the HoloLens 2 is switched on
  • Ensure the Link QR code is clearly visible to the HoloLens cameras and is not obscured by physical objects
  • Ensure the Link QR code is as large as possible, and avoid displaying Link codes on small mobile screens if possible
  • Ensure you are as close to the code as possible. Codes displayed on a 13in laptop screen are usually detected at around arms length. Larger codes will detect from further away, smaller codes may need to be closer to the HoloLens
  • Ensure your display is at maximum brightness and there is no glare or reflections that could interfere with code detection
  • If you still cannot detect the QR code, try closing all open applications on the HoloLens and restarting the device.