Twinbuild Docs

Loading cached models

While your HoloLens is connected to the internet, download the model you wish to view offline using a temporary or printed QR Link code or push notifications. If you are sending the model to another user and are unsure when they will download the model, create a Printed code from the QR Code Link page to ensure the model is accessible.
You can re-load the model without a connection to the internet either by using the Twinbuild Models browser or scanning a Link code for the model. To open the model browser, launch the Twinbuild application on the HoloLens from the Windows Home menu, then look at your palm to open the model browser. To load a model, tap the arrow icon next to the model name.
notion image
To load a cached model using a Link code, ensure the HoloLens 2 is switched on and scan any existing Link code for the model. You can load models offline using printed, generated or even expired Links.
After the model has been successfully loaded, scan two or more registration codes in your physical space to locate the model at 1:1.