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Connecting to Wifi

Connecting to WiFi

Your Hololens will need to be connected to the internet to view models in Mixed Reality. If you are setting up your HoloLens 2 out of the box, Cortana will prompt you to connect to an available WiFi network during setup. If you are using a shared device or working in a new location, you may need to reconnect your device:
To connect to wifi, launch the Settings app from the home screen. Open the Network and Internet page. Make sure Wifi is turned on. Choose a network. Enter your username and password.
The HoloLens has known issues verifying security certificates with some enterprise networks. For further Reading refer to Microsoft’s Guide to Connecting Hololens to Wifi
Streaming large CAD models, sharing holograms between many devices or prolonged Mixed Reality capture all require network bandwidth. Keep this in mind if connecting through a Wifi hotspot running on a mobile phone. A Wifi router running a modern protocol may improve latency.