Twinbuild Docs

Push notifications

Push notifications are the fastest way to load models on the HoloLens 2.
notion image
Twinbuild remembers all HoloLens 2 devices used by your team in the last 30 days and allows you to send links to models to these devices with push notifications. Push notifications remove the requirement to scan a QR code with the device, enabling them to be deployed to users with minimal experience with the HoloLens (e.g. for client demos or training) and in environments where QR codes may be difficult to scan. Push notifications also enable designers and managers to make changes to models and immediately deploy these to workers in the field.
To send a model link to all devices used by your team, click the View in AR button in the Twinbuild Web Viewer to view the Link screen, then click on the Notify button. To notify one or more devices, expand the drop down list and click the checkbox next to each device you wish to notify.