Twinbuild Docs

Creating a Twinbuild account

A free Twinbuild account is required for publishing models, managing teams and purchasing subscriptions.
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If you and your team are working with Twinbuild for the first time, visit and sign in using your company’s Google or Microsoft email, or by completing the sign up form and providing an email and password. Check this page for configuring permissions for Microsoft accounts.
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To create a team and invite designers and engineers who will be publishing models, you will need a Twinbuild Pro subscription. You can enter the number of seats required and click Subscribe to visit the customer portal and complete checkout. The URL of the customer portal is valid for 24 hours, and you can email this URL to your IT or finance department if they will be responsible for purchasing licenses and completing checkout. If you’re purchasing a subscription by invoice, contact out support team and we can set up a Twinbuild account with your subscription for you.
Note: An account is not required to scan Links and load models in Twinbuild on the HoloLens 2. This means that anyone with access to a HoloLens 2 and a Link to a model published by your team can start working with Twinbuild immediately.
Admin Setup for Microsoft Accounts