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Teams and permissions

A team will automatically be created for you when you add a Twinbuild Pro subscription to your account.
Teams allow for multiple users to access Twinbuild Pro features with fine grain control over individual roles and permissions. When you invite a user to your team, any models that are published by that user will be automatically added to the team models dashboard and visible to all other members of the team.
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Viewing all existing team members

Click on the Edit button next to Manage Teams on your account dashboard to expand the Team view. The team view shows all current team members and their permissions, as well as a field to email an invitation to join your team to a new user.

Inviting new users to your team

Enter the email address of the user you want to invite and click Send to email them an invitation with a link to create an account. By default new users can view, edit, add and remove models and persistent Links.

Joining a team

Click on the link in the invitation email (check your spam folder if you didn’t receive an invite) to open the Twinbuild Account sign in dialog. Sign in with the email address that received the invitation to open the account dashboard.
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If you’ve signed in with the same email address as your invitation then a dialog will appear inviting you to join a team. Click accept to join the team and start working with Twinbuild in a User role. The user role can publish, edit and remove models on the team models dashboard as well as create and edit persistent Links. You can contact your team administrator to request administrator, finance or manager permissions if required.

Managing roles and permissions

Any user with administrator permissions can edit user permissions in the Manage Team view on the account dashboard. Click the checkbox next to the role you wish to assign to a user, then acknowledge the prompt to immediately update the permissions. Permissions for each role are as follows:
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  • Administrator: All permissions including assigning the administrator role to other users. Cannot remove the team owner.
  • Finance: Access the customer portal and purchase, update or cancel subscriptions.
  • Manager: View devices with assigned seats. Invite new users, remove managers and users, and assign manager permissions.
  • User: Upload, edit and remove published models. Create, edit and remove persistent Links.

Removing a user from the team

Click the cross next to the user in the Team view and acknowledge the prompt to remove the user from your team. This action cannot be undone and the user will need to accept a new invitation to rejoin the team.