Twinbuild Docs

Locating the test model

To locate the Precision Test model relative to your physical workspace you will need to attach the coordinates of your Markers. This process will need to be completed once for each workspace where you plan to use Twinbuild, as Marker positions can be shared between published models.
Click on Add Marker to add the coordinates of a Marker to the model. Enter the ID and coordinates then click Accept to register the point. If you make a mistake, you can click on the ID of the point within the 3D viewport to edit the ID or coordinates. Repeat this process for each Marker in your workspace.
If you are performing a simple test from a linear collection of markers, then the y and z coordinates of the markers can remain 0. Only the x coordinate will be required to capture the relative distances between the markers. Keep in mind that precision will only be optimal along the line of the markers and you will experience increasing drift at points on the grid off this axis.